From the Archbishops Desk:
By the end of this month the Prime Minister has vowed that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with or without a deal.  It is very hard for us not to feel passionate about this despite the years of wrangling that have taken place since the referendum which resulted in a vote to leave.  Furthermore, Church leaders are frowned upon if they express an opinion because that is mixing religion with politics and those two spheres of activity should be kept apart; at least that is what some people think.  But Churches and their leaders exist to further the mission of Christ and that means to reach out to people in need and to persuade those who do not seem to care for others to think again and change their minds.
Whether we leave with or without a deal it does seem that there will be some disruption to our lives, and those who will be most affected are the poor.  Every church I have visited in recent months is supporting a much-needed local food bank.  Our society is already tolerating a level of poverty which, though often hidden, is unacceptable for a developed nation like ours.  Despite promises of more money for education and healthcare I know that these services are already stretched and will be hard-pressed to ride smoothly through Brexit.  To stand up for justice in this    situation is part of the mission of the church.  If that is politics, then so be it.  The coming weeks and months will require us to keep a level head at times but at all times to go out to those who are in spiritual and material need.
Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP
Archbishop of Liverpool

This weekend Saturday 19th October at 5.00pm in St. Matthew’s & Sunday 20th October at 12.30pm in St Cecilia’s.

World Mission Sunday 20 October 2019:
What is World Mission Sunday?
World Mission Sunday falls on the penultimate Sunday in October. It is the one Sunday in the year when the Mass is celebrated exclusively for missionary activity. Donations are collected at these worldwide Masses and they go, in their entirety, to support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is new, young or poor.
World Mission Sunday is our chance to show love and solidarity to our brothers and sisters overseas who share our faith. In offering our prayers, we join with missionaries everywhere in communion and compassion to support them in spreading the Good News, and by giving a donation we respond to Christ's call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.
Missio is responsible for coordinating World Mission Sunday and provides new, young or poor dioceses with the essential support they need on their journey to becoming self-sufficient.
Missio works through local bishops, churches and missionary congregations to ensure that resources are distributed equitably and justly – on the basis of need.
This week’s special collection will be for APF (Association for the Propagation of the Faith).

Baptism Course:
This Friday 25 October at 7.00pm in St Matthew’s, please enter via the priest’s house.

Volunteer for Mission Together – Missio:
Supporting Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries
Mission Together encourages children in England and Wales to pray; fundraise and become missionaries themselves - children helping children.
Under its original name of Holy Childhood, Mission Together has been active in Catholic schools for one hundred and seventy years.
Through the financial contributions of children in England and Wales, Mission Together carries out educational, medical and welfare projects in the poorest areas of the world.  Over generations, Missio's work with children has helped to build the family of God.        Being universal in character, our projects tend to the needs of all, regardless of background or beliefs; exemplifying the all-embracing nature of the Catholic Church.
We are looking to recruit volunteers for Mission Together the Pope’s official children’s charity for overseas mission. Volunteers would be required to give presentations to Primary School children. A background in catechesis would be helpful but not essential as full training will be given. If you are interested or would like further information, please contact the Archdiocesan Director, Deacon Ronnie 0151 476 8533.

Information Evening – Diaconate:
Archbishop Malcolm is hosting the first of two information evenings for those who think they may be called to this ministry.   Tuesday 19 November in the Community Room at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth, L11 9AZ beginning with refreshments at 7.00pm and ending by 9.00pm.

Journey in Faith:
If you would like to become a Catholic or would just like more information, please speak to Fr Conor, Fr Dominic, Deacon Ronny or Paula Burke after Sunday Mass or call 0151 476 8533 for a chat. A new course will be starting in October.

St. John Paul II - 22nd October:
Born in Wadowice, Poland, Karol Jozef Wojtyla was elected pope in October, 1978 he took the name of his short-lived, immediate predecessor. Pope John Paul II was the first non-Italian pope in 455 years. In time, he made pastoral visits to 124 countries, including several with small Christian populations. Of the many things we can learn from his life, one of the most important is to live a life in which we can look back and find little to regret.
In his 1999 Letter to the Elderly, Pope John Paul II wrote: “Grant, O Lord of life,...when the moment of our definitive ‘passage’ comes, that we may face it with serenity, without regret for what we shall leave behind. For in meeting you, after having sought you for so long, we shall find once more every authentic good which we have known here on earth, in the company of all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith and hope...”

50/50 Club Members:
The prize money paid out for the draw on Sunday 13 October, 2019 was £72.00 and the winning number was 118.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those support this venture.
Remember you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Paul’s Place Money-Wall:
Rather than buy Christmas Cards and/or gifts this year, why not consider donating to charity instead? It’s really simple and straightforward to take part. You decide on the amount of money you would have spent on buying cards and/or gifts (between £1 and £100) and put that amount in the same numbered envelope (which are available at the back of church) e.g if you choose to donate £20, then put your money in envelope 20; or if you’re donating £50, put your money in envelope 50.  
You may even want to split the amount you’re donating with family members, friends or workmates. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Shoebox Appeal 2019:
Leaflets are now available at the back of church for this year’s Shoebox Appeal.
Please only take a leaflet if you intend to fill a shoebox. An important change in this year’s appeal is that the donation has increased from £2 to £3. The reason for this is that shoeboxes are often being delivered to homes where there is no food or wood for the fire. This extra money will enable the project managers to provide basic essential items as and when they’re required. All shoeboxes need to be at St Matthew’s Church no later than the weekend of 2nd/3rd November. Thank you for your continued support of this very worthy cause.

Missio - St Cecilia’s:
If you don’t have a collector please bring your donations in and hand to Jimmy or Mary Dillon.  Ensuring your name is labelled on it.  Thank you for your support - Pat 
Lourdes 2020:
Be part of something special…… Be part of the Liverpool Youth Pilgrimage to Lourdes.  Ages 15 (or in Y10) - 22 years old.  Thursday 23rd July 2020 - Saturday 1st August 2020.  Cost £530 deposit £50.  Applications available from 1st October 2019 from  for more information contact Animate on 01744740461    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
St Cecilia’s:
We are looking for volunteers to help with Flowers.  No experience needed. Please contact Lyndsey on 228 1310 for more information. 
‘Funny Money’ – Nugent:
You know what happens when you come back from holiday with those spare few euros or dollars in your purse and you think ‘I’ll use them next year’. Well, instead of accumulating a mini coin collection in your top drawer you can donate it to Nugent. Please leave your ‘funny money’ in the relevant box at the back of church. Thank you.

Pray the Rosary for Peace:
We are all yearning for a little serenity in our lives and none other than Jesus is the teacher of this elusive state. Start meditating on the life of Jesus by praying the Rosary and you will find that serenity. Basically, the Rosary is a meditation on the life of Jesus.
To learn how visit