This weekend we welcome Fr Joe Duggan who will celebrate all our Masses with us.

Fr. Conor’s Week:
In preparation for the World Meeting of Families and the Pope’s associated visit to Ireland an Icon has been touring the country. (Indeed it’s the Icon of the Holy Family all received at the beginning of this year.) 
As it reaches Belfast Fr. Conor has been invited to lead the welcome with a Mission in the host parish on the theme of “The Family: Icon of Christ”  He will be in Belfast from Wednesday to Wednesday.
Please keep him in your prayers and those who will attend the mission and, indeed, the whole Irish Church in these trying times. 

Collection for Dcn Anthony Kelly and Peter Murphy:
Following Peter’s nine month placement with us and prior to Anthony’s priestly ordination we are having a joint collection to thank and encourage both.   Envelopes are available this weekend to take home and return next weekend. 

Paul’s Place – Sponsored Walk:
This Sunday 24th June Agnes and Joe will be taking part in the Wirral Coastal Walk 2018 in aid of Paul’s Place (One to One support for those, bereavement by suicide). If you would like to sponsor them please write your name on the sponsor form on the table at the back of church. The sponsor money will be collected from next weekend. Thank you.
Thank you also for all recent donations received by Agnes and Joe for Paul’s Place.

Solemnity of SS. Peter & Paul - Holy Day of Obligation:
Masses at 7.00am in St Matthew’s and 7.00pm  in St Cecilia’s.

Baptism Course:
The next course will take place this Friday 29th June at 7pm in St Matthew’s.

Next weekend Saturday 30th June at 5.00pm in St Matthew’s and Sunday 1st July at 12.30pm in St Cecilia’s.

First Martyrs of the Church of Rome - 30th June:
The people we honour today had one thing in common: they gave up their lives for Christ. They were martyred because they were followers of the Lord Jesus. By the year 64, Emperor Nero's human rights violations had reached proportions beyond description. When a fire broke out in Rome on July 16, it was commonly believed that the emperor himself was responsible. As two-thirds of Rome lay in ruin, resentment grew. Nero became fearful. He needed a scapegoat and blamed the fire on the Christians. Tacitus, a well-known historian, recorded that the Christians suffered cruel deaths. Some were fed to wild beasts. Others were tied to posts and became human torches that lit the Roman streets. The exact number of heroes is not known, but their gift of witness and their lives made a lasting impact on the people. Nero's was the first persecution by a Roman emperor, but not the last. And the more the Church was persecuted, the more it grew. The martyrs had paid the price so that all who would come after them could have the opportunity to embrace the faith.

Autumn Appointments:
I’m pleased to announce that the Archbishop has appointed Fr. Dominic Risley as assistant priest (curate) to our parishes. 
He will take up his appointment in mid September and I know all will make him welcome.

Volunteer/s Required:
We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers to ferry items to the Nugent Care Shop in Allerton Road maybe once every couple of months. Items are from both our parishes but are held in St. Matthew’s for transportation. Please see Paula Burke after weekend Mass or call 0151 476 8533.

The 50/50 Club Members:
The prize money paid out for the draw on Sunday 17th June 2018 was £79.50 and the winning number was 202.
Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all those who support this venture.
Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Liverpool Living Theology 2018:
The Jesuits (also known as the Society of Jesus) are an international religious order of men within the Catholic Church.   The Order was founded in 1540 by St Ignatius of Loyola and his nine companions.  Today there are 16,000 priests and brothers present in over 100 countries.  Jesuits in Britain work as parish priests, chaplains, teachers, academics, writers, doctors, spiritual directors and artists. 
This year’s course takes place from Friday evening 13th July– Sunday 15th July; places are limited. If you would like further information call 020 7499 0285 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Friday 13th July from 6pm – SFX Church – Registration and Supper
Saturday 14th July from 9am – SFX Church Chapel
Sunday 15th July from 9.30am in SFX Church Chapel

Legion of Mary:
Meet on Friday mornings in St. Cecilia’s new members always welcome.

Missio - St Cecilia’s:
June is the month for collecting your donations.  If your box hasn’t been emptied please bring you donations into Church with your name & address on and give to Jimmy.  Thank you Pat.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress (Adoremus), 7-9 September‘I am the Bread of Life’:
The bishops of England and Wales are holding a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress in Liverpool in September.