Christmas Intentions:
To enable the offering of Christmas Masses for the intentions many often carry at this time of year we continue the tradition of Christmas Intentions. Similar to the Pious List this  enables the remembrance of many. However, please note, it is not restricted to the faithful departed but may include the living as well and our prayers for their good intentions. Our “Christmas Intentions” will be remembered at all Masses between Christmas Day and 30th December. 
To have your loved ones, living and departed, remembered in this way please enclose your list of intentions, and offering, in the envelopes available at Our Lady’s Icon in St Matthew’s and Our Lady’s Altar in St Cecilia’s.

4th Sunday of Advent
Saturday 22nd December:        10.00 am - St Matthew’s
                                                  6.00 pm - St Matthew’s
Sunday 23rd December:           10.00 am -  St Matthew’s
                                              11.30 am - St Cecilia’s
Christmas Eve
Monday 24th December:           6.30 pm -  Family Mass - St Matthew’s
                                                      (children encouraged to dress as Nativity characters)
                                              10.00 pm - Midnight Mass - St Cecilia’s
Christmas Day
Tuesday 25th December:           9.00 am -   St Matthew’s
                                               10.30 am - St Cecilia’s
Boxing Day
Wednesday 26th December:     12.00 pm - St Matthew’s (Altar servers Mass)
Thursday 27th December:         12.00 pm - St Matthew’s
Friday 28th December:               12.00 pm - St Cecilia’s
Saturday 29th December            No noon Mass
                                               6.00pm - St Matthew’s
Sunday 30th December              10.00 am - St Matthew’s
                                               11.30am - St Cecilia’s

Advent Reading Reflections:
Fr Dominic will be leading reflections on the Sunday readings in preparation for Christmas.  The last evening will be Thursday 20th December at 7pm. All welcome.
Gaudete Sunday - Welcome:
Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, and liturgical Protestant churches. The Latin Gaudete is translated as Rejoice, the first word of the introit. The reference to joy, hope and optimism are dominant at this point in Advent.   The lesson we can take from this is that Christians ought to be the most hopeful and cheerful of people, bringing both joy and peace into their homes and families, workplaces, and social circles.

Will take place next weekend Saturday at 5.00pm in St Matthew’s and Sunday at 12.30pm in St Cecilia’s.

50/50 Grand Christmas Draw:
The Grand Christmas Draw and Treble Draw will take place this Sunday 16th December. 

The 50/50 Club Members:
The prize money paid out for the draw on Sunday 9 December 2018 was £81.50 and the winning number was 49.           .
Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all those who support this venture.
Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!
Fun Christmas Quiz:
On Wednesday 19th December 8.30pm start at St Paul’s, Spring Grove, West Derby: fun quiz plus buffet.

Christmas Bingo:
On Thursday 20th December at 8.00pm at St Paul’s, Spring Grove, West Derby: cash prizes and raffles.

Rotas – St. Matthew’s:
Ministers of the Word and Eucharist please collect your rotas from the sacristy. Thank you.

Envelopes and stamps from your Christmas cards received by Post:
When you receive your Christmas cards by post - instead of throwing away or recycling the envelopes please consider passing them to Paula Burke in St Matthew’s or Deacon Ronnie in St Cecilia’s . Alternatively you can put them in the Rosary beads box at the back of either church. Please leave the stamps on the envelopes as this enables a housebound person to spend time cutting out the stamps. Paula will send them to a charity in the New Year. Thank you.
Paul’s Place Money-Wall:
Rather than buy Christmas Cards and/or gifts this year, why not consider donating to charity instead? It’s really simple and straightforward to take part. You decide on the amount of money you would have spent on buying cards and/or gifts (between £1 and £100) and put that amount in the same numbered envelope (which are available at the back of church) e.g if you choose to donate £20, then put your money in envelope 20; or if you’re donating £50, put your money in envelope 50.   You may even want to split the amount you’re donating with family members, friends or workmates. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

The Gift of Time: 
For those of us who finished our Christmas shopping in August, it’s a time to feel wonderfully smug. It’s a time when the more organised amongst us feel that we have done and dusted Christmas, and can sit back with our feet up. But Christmas isn’t just a time for giving presents, but for the giving of ourselves and of our own precious time. Take time to make a phone call, help an elderly neighbour with their shopping, pay a visit or invite someone you know to be alone over for a Christmas drink.
St Cecilia’s Piety Stall: 
Is now stocked with Christmas cards, calendars and gifts.  Come in and take a look.
Legion of Mary:
New members are still required. This is an open invitation to parishioners of both parishes. Meetings take place on Friday mornings after Mass in St. Cecilia’s; please speak to Sr. Pedro. for further information.

Our Parish Charities:
If you would like to donate to any of our parish charities before Christmas please do so by the weekend of 15/16 December in order for the items to be delivered.
North Liverpool Foodbank: Dried and tinned goods (no perishable items).
Whitechapel: Socks, underwear, T Shirts.
Nugent: Toiletries
Knit a Square: Wool and donations for postage. Please see Cath Riley.
Gordon has delivered a further 19 bags to the Centre this week. Thank you for your continued support.
CAFOD World Gifts:
Are you looking for present ideas this year? Why not consider buying gifts from CAFOD that could help a child, their families or an entire community in the developing world.  For more information please take a leaflet from the back of church.