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Welcome to our parishes of St. Matthew and St. Cecilia, serving Clubmoor and Tuebrook.

The links, along the left hand side of this page, give you the opportunity to keep up to date via our parish newsletter and have a look at some views of the churches through the year.

Come and see us and receive a warm welcome from the people of this area of the City of Liverpool.

WEBSITE UPDATED: 3rd April 2020

Sunday Mass will be live cast weekly
on Y
ouTube at 3.00 pm

The obligation to attend Mass on
Sundays and Holy Days 
is removed
for as long as the covid-19 crisis continues.
The obligation to fulfil the "Easter Duty"

is suspended this year.

Holy Week Services

All of the following services will be
broadcast live via our YouTube Channel

Monday 11.00am - Mass
Tuesday 11.00am - Mass
Wednesday 11.00am - Mass
Thursday 7.00 pm
Mass of the Lord's Supper

Friday 3.00 pm
Commemoration of the Lord's Passion
Saturday 8.00 pm
The Easter Vigil
Sunday 6.00 am
Dawn Mass
Sunday 3.00 pm
Mass of Easter Day

A growing number of devotional videos
are also on our YouTube channel
to use and share for the current crisis.

The Bishops’ Conference has agreed that 
all public acts of worship in churches will cease as of Friday 20th March.
This includes all public Masses.
(Furthermore after the Prime Minister's Statement and the Archbishop's instruction
our churches will be closed at all times until otherwise permitted.)

Private Sunday and daily Masses will continue with only the priest present.
His intentions for each Mass will be those of the parishes and their parishioners.

Some Masses will be streamed live online via our 
YouTube channel “Cecilia Matthews
Please subscribe (entirely free) to the channel for schedule updates and to view 
live/recorded celebrations of the Eucharist and other devotions.

For further information or should you wish to speak to a priest regarding 
any pastoral issues or concerns please ring 
0151 226 1828
Fr. Conor and Fr. Dominic will endeavor to answer your call directly 
or as soon as possible there after.