Welcome to St. Matthew's and St. Cecilia's

WEBSITE UPDATED: 24th November 2023

Week Commencing 26th November 2023

6.00 pm St M - Pious List

10.00 am St M - Special Intention – Elizabeth Doherty
11.30 am St C - Parishioners
1.00 pm St C - Baptisms: Elliot Long

11.00 am St M - Requiem: Margaret Riley

10.00 am St C - Mary Fraser

6.00 pm St M - Brian Dunne - 1st Anniversary

10.00 am St M - Parishioners
11.30 am St C - Joan Bell - RIP

Canon Conor's series of reflections
on Pope Francis'
Rejoice and Be Glad
is available on our
 YouTube Channel "Cecilia Matthew's

A number of devotional videos
are also on our YouTube channel
to use and share in the current crisis. 
Please subscribe (entirely free) to the channel for schedule updates and to view 
live/recorded celebrations of the Eucharist and other devotions.

Enquiries regarding:
baptisms, weddings,
sacrament certificates, etc.,
can be made with our secretary
on 01512281310
during normal office hours.
(Mon, Wed-Fri: 9.00 - 2.30)