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Welcome to our parishes of St. Matthew and St. Cecilia, serving Clubmoor and Tuebrook.

The links, along the left hand side of this page, give you the opportunity to keep up to date via our parish newsletter and have a look at some views of the churches through the year.

Come and see us and receive a warm welcome from the people of this area of the City of Liverpool.

WEBSITE UPDATED: 23rd September 2016

Week Commencing 24h September 2016

10.00 am St M -  Robert Malone - Remembrance      
11.30 am  St C -  Olive McEvoy                 
12.30 pm St C -  Confessions         
1.00 pm  St C -  Baptism:  Tilly Wood, Phoebe Lang, Matthew & Samuel Sims
10.00 am  St M -  Requiem: Terence Rowan       
No Mass or Eucharistic Service              
9.10 am  St C -  Happy Birthday - Fr Conor      
11.00 am  St M -  Requiem: Veronica Murphy        
9.10 am  St C -  Len Wyatt - 50th Anniversary   
6.00 pm  St M - Parishioners            
10.00 am St M -  Brian McGrath - Remembrance      
11.30 am  St C -  Betty Byrne - Happy 80th Bbirthday     
1.00 pm  St M -  Baptism: Thomas Ashworth, Teddy Wallace, Tobias-Brian Crossland, Naveah-Leigh Brereton.






(St M - St. Matthew's,  St C - St. Cecilia's)