St. Matthew’s Parish Forum Meeting, Wednesday 21st August 2013
Present: Fr. Conor, Agnes Williams, Dave Cotterill, Eddie Cawley, Joan Purcell, Paula Burke, Ronny Burke.
Apologies: Joe McGunigle, Paula O’Toole, Kath Shaw.

Women’s Group:
Tea Party 2013 in aid of Nugent Care – Saturday 14th September, 2013. Volunteers still required, to bake cakes and help on the day, list to sign up at the back of church. Marie Reynolds from Nugent Care was unable to attend the meeting in August but will give the planned talk at the next meeting on Wednesday 4th September, 2013. Fantastic was the word used to describe the social event held by St. Cecilia’s UCM. White Flower Appeal – awaiting total.
Prayer Group:
No update.
North Liverpool Foodbank:
206 full bags donated this year which already exceeds last years total.
Whitechapel Centre:
37 bags delivered so far this year.
Fr. Conor expressed his frustration that work recommended by recent surveys is yet to be undertaken while at the same time another variety of surveys (health and safety) are rolled out.
Bereavement Group:
Cards continue to be sent out. A meeting is to be arranged.
Family Shoe Box Appeal 2013:
Further information available once the fundraising event for Nugent Care has taken place in September.
CaFE – Catholic Faith Exploration - The Saints:
4 consecutive Thursdays 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November at 7pm. Covering Saints Benedict, Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola and Therese of Lisieux.
Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham:
17th/19th May 2014 – Full and booked. Deacon Eddie confirmed as Spiritual Director.
Confirmations/1st Holy Communions:
‘With You Always’ Catechist’s Meeting (St. Matthew’s & St. Cecilia’s) to take place on Thursday 22nd August at 7pm. The first ‘WYA’ meeting will take place in church, on Thursday 19th September at 5pm, all other meetings to take place in School at 5pm. Message to go in newsletter first week in September 2013. Email addresses to be sought as another form of contact. Further details will be discussed at the Catechists meeting.
Fr. Emmanuel:
Cover will be provided by Fr. Emmanuel from Monday 26th August until the middle of September 2013.
Bishop Tom’s September Visitation:
Monday 23rd St. Cecilia’s School, Wednesday 25th St. Matthew’s School. Mass at St. Matthew’s on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th and at St. Cecilia’s followed by a Reception in St. Cecilia’s Club for all parishioners of both parishes. Fr. Conor asked the Women’s Group to liaise with the UCM at St. Cecilia’s regarding refreshments. Fr. Conor confirmed that the Sisters will sing.
Readers Meeting – St. Matthew’s & St. Cecilia’s:
Wednesday 16th October at 7pm in St. Matthew’s.
Little Church:
Fr. Conor confirmed that he has new resources for both parishes which include weekly activity and structured prayer. A meeting for Catechists from both parishes arranged for Monday 28th October at 7pm at St. Cecilia’s. Little Church at St. Cecilia’s to start on Sunday 3rd November 2013
All Saints Friday 1st November – Holy Day of Obligation:
Mass at St. Cecilia’s with School at 10.00am. Mass at St. Matthew’s with School at 2pm. Evening Mass at St. Matthew’s at 7pm.
Mass for the Bereaved:
St. Matthew’s – Monday 4th November at 7pm. St. Cecilia’s – Wednesday 6th November at 7pm.
Pious List:
Box and envelopes to be available from 20th October 2013.
Next meeting:
Monday 21st October at 7pm