St Cecilia’s Parish Forum Minutes, Wednesday 8th September. 
Present: Fr. Conor, Dcn Eddie, Lyndsey Woodward, Sr Pedro, Mary Dillon, Simon Holleron, Mary Kenny    Apologises: Dcn Ronnie, Teresa Routledge, Rachel Griffiths

Eucharistic Ministers: ‘Ministry in the community’ meeting took place in July, all ministers received a booklet.
With You Always: Fr C has made the decision to change the sessions for next year. 3 sessions will be held in Lent ending with the children making their First Confession. Then 4 sessions in Eastertide.  The Archbishop will celebrate 1 of the Communion Masses at St Cecilia’s. 
Baptism Group: Fr C is changing the Baptism course; he will update the material and will lead the first few sessions.  The new course will be just 1 session which takes place every 6 weeks. A meeting has been arranged for all catechists for Wednesday 22nd October at 7pm in St Matthews.    Mary will bring both parishes’ baptism forms back for Lyndsey to process paperwork.
Little Church: all good.                        
Altar Servers/Guild of St Stephen:  A Mass will take place in St Margaret Mary’s for all Pastoral Area on Saturday 25th October at 1pm.  All altar servers will be rededicated.  Full AS uniform can be worn.      
UCM: BI-Monthly Mass will take place on 5th November.                   
Legion of Mary: Sr. Pedro confirmed after advertising they had no recruits.    
Safeguarding: All good.
Readers: Rota all done up to End of October.  A PA Reader’s training day has been arranged for Saturday 1st November 11am – 4pm.  The day is for all readers and will be held in St Oswald’s.
Pilgrimage to Lourdes: Mary said she has spoken to some people who are not happy with going for 5 days. Once dates have been released it can be looked into further.            
Confessions:  Still very well attended.
Bereavement Group: Fr C will look into inviting people to setting up a bereavement group
Bereavement Mass:  Will take place on Thursday 6th November at 7pm.  Lyndsey to send letters out and speak to Teresa to organise the flowers.
Pious List Envelopes: to go out 18th October.
Family Shoe box appeal: Announced this week in the newsletter.
Missionary Appeal: to take place on 8th November.
Memorial for Deceased Infants: Just awaiting quotes from gardener to carry out the work. Christmas Masses: will be discussed at the next meeting.
Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 26th November at 7pm.