Present: Fr. Conor, Dcn Eddie, Sr. Roseleen, Lyndsey Woodward, Marie Crist, Mary Dillon, Teresa Routledge, Simon Holleron, Mary Kenny
Apologises: Rachel Griffiths.
Eucharistic Ministers:
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Griffiths on the birth of their beautiful daughter! Rachel has completed the rota up to May. Fr. C has received the lists of the sick and housebound. With You Always: All running fine. A letter has gone out to each parent to explain this month is the deadline. Next week’s session Parents will be asked to confirm Confirmation name & sponsor etc. Baptism Group: All ok.
Little Church:
Since our last meeting little Church is up and running, numbers are going up each week. Fr C. pleased.
Altar Servers/Guild of St Stephen:
No new servers. Fr C agreed to enroll the 3 AS into the guild of St Stephen on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord.
In 2013 the UCM raised £1800 which was donated to various charities including, Priests training fund, Lily Ctr, Claire House, Woodland Hospice, Whitechapel, Zoe’s place. In November the mums had a day out to Bury market and are planning another day out soon. Fr. C. asked if the UCM would look after the White Flower appeal, to take place on Mother’s Day 29/30th March.
Legion of Mary:
Nothing to report.
Sr Doris and Lyndsey will take over the Safeguarding and will this week start the process of contacting people to renew their certificates.
All good, rota have been done up to Holy week.
Pilgrimage to Lourdes:
Mary will organise for 2015.
Pious List/Bereavement Mass:
All went to plan, Church looked lovely.
Church looked glorious. Good attendance at all Masses.
Lent & Easter:
Ash Wednesday (5th March) Mass in St. Matthew’s at 7am. Mass in St. Cecilia’s at 7pm.
Fr. Conor and Dcn. Eddie will arrange services for ashes for both our schools.
Friday mornings - Mass in St. Matthew’s at 7am.
Friday evenings - Stations of the Cross in St. Cecilia’s at 7pm. Fr. Conor will lead on Friday 7th March, Dcn. Eddie will lead (date to be arranged) and Groups from both parishes to combine to lead remaining dates.
Easter Triduum:
Holy Thursday (17th April) Mass of the Lord’s Supper in St. Matthew’s at 7pm – Watching until 10pm.
Good Friday (18th April) Morning Prayer in St. Matthew’s at 6am.
Stations of the Cross in the garden at St. Matthew’s, at 11am; followed by Confessions until 12.30pm.
Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion in St. Cecilia’s at 3pm.
Holy Saturday (19th April) Easter Vigil in St. Matthew’s at 9pm.
Easter Day (20th April) Mass in St. Cecilia’s at 9am.
After a great turn out for Confessions in December, Fr C. has decided to do Confessions here after Mass on the 1st Sunday of each Month.
Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd April at 7pm.